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YarnCore Strikes Again!

Posted in hardcore knitting, yarnbomb, yarnbomb photos on March 30, 2011 by jaesee

This time in the West Seattle Junction. This one took a little longer to attach, so I got to interact with quite a few more people at this busy intersection. It was good times! Someone even took a photo. It’ll look much better in the light of day. Again, I hope it makes it to light of day, this one was a more time consuming project and I’m quite proud.

Light Pole Sock


In the light of day!

Posted in yarnbomb photos on March 25, 2011 by jaesee

My yarn-bomb survived the night, yay! It was VERY soggy this morning, but that is to be expected in Seattle. Here are some shots, the first pretty much gives the location away.

My first yarnbomb!

Posted in hardcore knitting, yarnbomb, yarnbomb photos on March 24, 2011 by jaesee

I braved the rains tonight to sew this little bike rack cozy up in the Admiral District in West Seattle. It was so fun! I mean, even though I sat on the wet ground. A few groups of people walked by, and I certainly got some weird looks, but I also got a lot of smiles! YAY KNIT GRAFFITI!!

Now, please universe, let it not get messed with, taken down or destroyed by jerks for a least a week! Thanks.


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