Doomed from the start!

Posted in Taken Down on April 13, 2011 by jaesee

Jerks took it down. I had at least hoped they’d leave it up for a minute, so maybe the school kids could see it. Boo! Construction workers are lame.

Run in with the LAW!!

Posted in yarnbomb, yarnbomb photos on April 12, 2011 by jaesee

Tonight on a whim I decided that it was time to test out the free form, non-knitting yarn bomb. The idea is kind of like cross stitching a fence, and what I realized is that it is WAY too time consuming to do on the sly. I think I’ll stick to knitting, thank you.

At work with my YarnCore hoodie on!

I started out by myself and then my lookout came. I’m very thankful he came because I think I would have peed my pants had I been alone when THE COPS PULLED UP. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have had my hood  up and looked all suspicious. I only had it up because it was cold and we had taken the photo you see above. It’s funnier if I wear my hood up while I do it, like I’m a criminal or something! But yeah, about 20 minutes after I started a cop pulled up right next to us, got out of his car and approached us and my heart started beating like crazy. All I could think was, I can’t get arrested for this, right? RIGHT? And yes, that IS right. When he saw what I was doing, he laughed and explained that they have a lot of people stealing from construction sites and that he has to check out suspicious activity, and to go ahead and keep doing what I was doing. I love the way he laughed, like OH, I see, you’re doing something dorky and weird, whatever! Go ahead! So I thanked him and finished up my project. YAY!

This was my first real run in with the cops ever, so I’d say I’m living a pretty lawful life, wouldn’t you say?

The piece is small and very imperfect, but it’s cute and colorful so I’m going to say success. Especially with that whole evading arrest situation.

Stitching away!

With the flash so you can see the colors a little more

Cats like yarn (bombing)

Posted in cat brigade, hardcore knitting on April 10, 2011 by jaesee

This pretty much sums up Sundays at my house every weekend.

Want to join YarnCore?

Posted in hardcore knitting, yarnbomb on April 6, 2011 by jaesee

We have bigger projects planned for May 1st and also June 11th for International Yarn Bombing Day, so if you’d like to join YarnCore in the movement, go here and request membership:

Participation can come in many forms – you don’t have to physically be at the site during the bombing, you can just contributed crafted materials if you’d like.

Meander’s Kitchen Bomb!

Posted in hardcore knitting, west seattle art attack, yarnbomb, yarnbomb photos on April 5, 2011 by jaesee

Today’s bomb as of a different variety, a free standing piece that didn’t need installing. It used and was inspired by blown glass art by recent collaborator and friend of Yarncore, West Seattle Art Attack. Expect more pieces incorporating blown glass art from WSAA in the future!

The dirt is knit, the leaves are knit and the flower is knit. Spent all day Saturday like a knitting fool getting this ready! But I liked the way it turned out so much that I really didn’t want to just leave it outside somewhere, like the other two projects. This seemed more appropriate for a local establishment of some sort. On the Yarncore Facebook page, we received some suggestions, like leaving it in a library or neighborhood community center. These were good options, but I feel like there isn’t a lot of traffic in libraries anymore, especially the one near where I live, and for it to have the biggest impact in a library I’d want to put it in the downtown location. This didn’t appeal to me, though, because I’m trying to stick to West Seattle for the time being. I then thought about all the restaurants and coffee shops that I love in West Seattle, and tried to think of a place that would really b e appropriate. And then it occurred to me that I was planning to go to Meander’s Kitchen the next day to pick something up from the brilliant owner (and friend of Yarncore) Miranda and realize that Meander’s would be the perfect location for it, so I brought it along!

If you haven’t been to Meander’s (or heard of it), it is a tiny breakfast place in the old Jade West Cafe location that a lot of people in West Seattle have been raving about. It’s pretty much a one woman show, with Miranda cooking up delicious breakfast and lunch on the stove right in front of you. She’s mindful of your food allergies, sensitivities and diets and everything is very fresh and authentic. Miranda is not only an amazing cook, but oh so friendly and it feels like home away from home. I had the Punk House Hash with potatoes, spinach and a variety of sauteed veggies (the broccoli and wild mushrooms tasted amazing) and I had it “epic style” which included cheese, poached eggs, sour cream and this really delicious homemade salsa. It was all SO GOOD. Not your average greasy breakfast, this place has seriously good food.

Here’s the bomb in it’s new location. Miranda was excited to get it and gave me a big hug! I then realized I had picked the perfect location. I LOVE LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES!

Party Bomb

Posted in yarnbomb, yarnbomb photos on April 3, 2011 by jaesee

Went to a party last night for a friend’s birthday, and totally yarn-bombed it! YAY! Unfortunately I was pretty out in the open, so I’m pretty sure every single person who lives in the house saw me do it, but that’s ok. I just thought it might have been more fun for them to see it later rather than seeing me do it.

I hope they enjoy it!

Also, yesterday afternoon I met up with and received a box of glass art from West Seattle Art Attack. I’m going to be incorporating blown glass into my projects! I’m so thankful to receive such an amazing gift, and very inspired by all the different things in the box! Very, very cool.

YarnCore Hoodie

Posted in yarncore merch on April 1, 2011 by jaesee

I made a hoodie for YarnCore on Zazzle! I just made it for me, but I made it purchasable in case anyone else wants one. I plan to yarn bomb in it!


YarnCore Hoodie from


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